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The beginning of this fun-filled season with the sun hidden behind the grey clouds brings cheer to many of us waiting eagerly to splash in the rains. Of course not everything about rain is glamorous .Especially when you think about endless traffic jams, the bad roads dotted with potholes, uncleared garbage and the spate of water borne diseases. Also viral infections like cold and cough make their presence felt. Most infectious diseases prevalent in the rainy season can be prevented by simply washing our hands regularly. Scrubbing hands regularly with water and soap can prevent us from contacting respiratory and diarrheal diseases. Kids have a lower level of immunity and hence hand washing becomes a crucial part of their lifestyle. When playing especially during monsoon season kids come into contact with germs and can unknowingly become infected simply by touching their nose, eyes or mouth .The Food and Drug Administration states that the human influenza virus can survive on surfaces for up to eight hours, making people susceptible to catching it each time they touch the infected surface. Hence repeated hand washing is required. To make the best of the rainy season we should follow some simple guidelines .First of all if we decide to get wet in rains we should change into a dry set of clothes at the earliest. Also we should keep raw food items at bay and wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before use. Moreover, strict kitchen hygiene should be maintained in order to enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Also, in order to have a trouble free rainy season home made fresh food should be given preference over the fast food sold in the market.
People wait for the rains since they can__________in it.
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